Where to buy and find turmeric in the grocery store

Turmeric can add a healthy zest to your cuisine. Do you know where to find turmeric?

Many people walk by turmeric in the grocery store without even realizing it. They’re missing out! Let’s look at where to buy and how to find this wonderfully flavorful spice and learn some cool stuff along the way.

Where To Find Turmeric In The Grocery Store

Where to find it depends largely on what form you want. If you’re like most people, you want the simple powder. That’ll be in the spice aisle. Look by the saffron, dill and pickling spices. The yellow powder showing through the clear jar is a dead giveaway. It should stand out.

If you’re after fresh, unprocessed root, you’ll need to go to the produce department. Check the refrigerated section first. It’ll be near the fresh ginger root. Be sure to read the sections below so you know how to pick the best root.

But what if you want paste? Well, that’ll be in the produce department too. But it won’t be by the ginger root. Look for small plastic tubs with beautiful yellow stuff inside. It’ll likely be surrounded by other delicious and healthy pastes, like tamarind and spicy pepper.

How Turmeric Is Sold In Grocery Stores

Turmeric is sold in three different forms. They all come from the turmeric root, but they are used in different ways. Let’s have a look at how turmeric is sold.

Turmeric Powder

This is the most common form of turmeric, and it’s the easiest to use. It comes in small glass or plastic jars. Rarely, it is sold in plastic bags.

You can get six ounces of turmeric for about $3 at most grocery stores. But it can cost triple that, depending on the brand. More expensive turmeric powders usually have a more robust, peppery flavor. If you’re just using turmeric for a natural yellow coloring in your food, go ahead and get a cheap brand.

Fresh Turmeric

Fresh turmeric, also called Kachchi Haldi, is the undried, unprocessed root that powdered turmeric is made from. It looks a bit like ginger root. This is the kind you should get if you’re going to use it as a health supplement if you can find it. Undried turmeric root is what’s used in Ayurvedic medicine because it’s richer in healthy compounds and antioxidants.

Select a root that is firm and smooth. Avoid roots that are shriveled or partially dried. They’re old and have probably lost much of their flavor. And they will quickly spoil once they leave the store.

Turmeric Paste

This kind is great for mixing into soups and stews for that pungent kick. It has the consistency of think toothpaste, which is very easy to work with.

It’s usually made from fresh root, so it almost has as much of that peppery flavor. Cheaper pastes are made from processed root. These more affordable varieties have a milder flavor.

Where To Buy Turmeric

Most people buy their turmeric at regular grocery stores. It’s just usually more convenient that way. It’s quick to just drop a jar of turmeric in your cart along with your other groceries as you shop for food.

But you may want to get it at a farmer’s market or ethnic grocery store if you shop at those places. Their turmeric is often fresher, but also more expensive. Still, it may be worth it to pay a little extra for freshness. It’s up to you.

More and more people are buying their turmeric online nowadays. It’s a good option if you can wait a few days to get it. The advantage is that you can browse different brands and varieties from home, without spending extra time at the store.

Amazon is a top online seller of turmeric. But there are special spice sellers, too. They almost always have a better variety. You may want to visit one of these spice sites if you’re not sure what form or brand of turmeric you want. They often have educational sections for people who don’t know that much about their culinary or health spices.

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