Where Are Pimentos In the Grocery Store

Pimentos are by-products of red cherry peppers, yet where are pimentos in the grocery store? This popular food item can be difficult to locate on store shelves. But one first needs to know what supermarkets actually carry them. Some of these include ALDI, Dollar General, Kroger’s Grocers, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart.

Pimentos are also sold at most local Mexican grocers as well. For those in areas with a selective amount of places to shop, online sites like Amazon are always an option.

What Aisle Are Pimentos?

Depending on the specific store, one can find pimentos in different locations. Most grocery stores stock jarred diced pimentos in the condiment aisle alongside pickles. Jars of pimentos are also with international foods as well. Yet, if preferred, supermarkets stock fresh pimentos with their peppers in produce.

Some places place them down the same aisle as canned veggies next to jarred artichoke hearts. Kroger’s grocers and Publix have pimentos down the same aisle as salad dressings. And in rare cases, they are with drink mixes beside martini onions.

Availability & Packaging

Pimentos are more common in jarred form, with a white, gold, black, yellow, or blue lid. Some manufacturers offer whole/diced canned pimentos. These come in various colors and usually have pop-top openings. Certain online websites carry boxes of whole pimentos as well. Most Co-ops and places that sell fresh vegetables have both jarred & fresh varieties.

Their price range varies according to size and quantity such as: 

  •  4-Ounce Jar/Can $4.50 to $15.00
  •  7-Ounce Jar/Can $8.00 to $30.00
  •  10-Ounce Jar/Can $11.00 to $60.00

Online shopping is good for those buying in bulk. The price of pimentos sold on Amazon is as follows:

  •  Pack of 4 2-Ounce Jars $19.99
  •  Pack of 6 7-Ounce Cans $28.99

These prices do not include cost for shipping & handling!

Canned and jarred pimentos should go in a cool, dry place for longer shelf life. Left unopened, can/jar can last up to 5 years. Once opened can/jar of pimentos will stay good for between 3 and 4 days.

Pimentos can go into the freezer to also further extend their shelf life. Place in durable freezer bags or an airtight container to prevent frost from occurring. When ready to use, thaw, and eat!

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