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In case you need to contact Save-A-Lot customer service, you can reach them by phone (888) 725-4537. There are more than 800 stores, so If you have any specific questions regarding your local store, it is best to contact them directly. In order to get any local store contacts, you can navigate to the Save-A-Lot store locator and then select your store.

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Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, produce, snacks, seafood, liquor.


AL – Alabama, AR – Arkansas, CO – Colorado, CT – Connecticut, DE – Delaware, FL – Florida, GA – Georgia, IL – Illinois, IN – Indiana, IA – Iowa, KS – Kansas, KY – Kentucky, LA – Louisiana, ME – Maine, MD – Maryland, MA – Massachusetts, MI – Michigan, MN – Minnesota, MS – Mississippi, MO – Missouri, NH – New Hampshire, NJ – New Jersey, NY – New York, NC – North Carolina, OH – Ohio, OK – Oklahoma, PA – Pennsylvania, RI – Rhode Island, SC – South Carolina, SD – South Dakota, TN – Tennessee, TX – Texas, WV – West Virginia, WI – Wisconsin.

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America’s Choice, Kaskey’s, Coburn Farms, Ginger Evans, Fairgrounds, J. Higgs, SeƱora Verde, Jade Dragon, Kurtz, Malone’s, Mantia’s, Morning Delight, Nature Trails, Port Side, Portman’s, Skillet Masters, Save Today, World’s Fair, Wylwood.

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