Where To Buy Dried Figs & How to Find in the Grocery Store

Delicious, sweet dried figs make it easy to enjoy a bite-sized version of an exotic fruit that’s beloved around the world for its sweet flavor. Let’s talk about where to buy dried figs.

How Dried Figs Are Sold?

There’s no need to travel to exotic places to enjoy the pleasure of a fig! Just reach for them on the shelf! Here’s how!

You typically have two options when selecting packaged figs:

  • The first is a circular tray of about 25 to 30 figs.
  • The second is a resealable bag of “loose” figs.

Dried figs are traditionally sold as whole pieces instead of fig “chunks.” That means that you’re getting a fully intact fig that has simply been dehydrated.

Typically, you’ll find that bags and trays of dried figs are sold in bulk weights ranging from about 4 ounces to 36 ounces. Weight differences can be chalked up to both individual fig sizes and the amount of figs per package.

Why Choose Packaged Figs Over Fresh Figs?

Is the “mess” turning you off from figs?

Many people actually prefer packaged figs to fresh figs for several reasons. The first is that fresh figs are quite complicated to eat. They contain a skin that must be delicately peeled off. Honestly, they’re impossible to eat “on the go!” By contrast, a dried fig can be packed in a lunch or picnic basket easily. Dried figs also last for a long time!

The other big benefit of packaged figs over fresh figs is the fiber content of dried figs. A typical serving of dried figs offers roughly 9.2 grams of fiber. The same amount worth of fresh figs offers just 2 grams of fiber. Figs are also highly nutritious because they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants.

Different Types of Figs

The term “fig” actually covers several different varieties of fruit. Each type of fig has its own distinct look, flavor and history. That means that you’ll want to pay attention to the label when you find figs for sale.

Dried Turkish Figs

The popular Turkish fig grows in Mediterranean climates. You will know you’re looking at a Turkish fig when you notice a color that is a burnt shade of red to purple. The inside flesh of a Turkish fig is pink. They take on a brown color when dried.

Dried Mission Figs

Mission figs are commonly grown in places like San Diego and Southern California today. They can be identified by a deep-purple sin that appears black. The inside flesh of a mission fig is often compared to a strawberry. Dried mission figs take on a black color when dried.

Dried Calimyrna Figs

Dried calimyrna figs deviate from other common fig varieties quite a bit in both flavor and appearance. They have a green skin that turns a distinctive golden color when dried. They are also known for having an almost nutty flavor.

Dried California Figs

The California fig is an ultra-sweet, candy-like fig that keeps a golden color once dried. Many people taste hints of a honey flavor when enjoying this variety. California figs are sometimes called Sierra figs.

Where to Buy Dried Figs?

There was a time when a fig of any type was considered an exotic, rare treat that could only be found at select markets. That is no longer the case!

Dried figs are sold at just about every grocery store and major food retailer today. In addition, you can almost certainly find them at your local health-food store.

No, a store trip isn’t required to get some yummy figs in your hands!

You can also buy dried figs online pretty easily from any outlet that sells bulk nuts and dried fruit. That includes outlets like Nuts.com, Anna, and Sarah, and Amazon.

Major big-box stores like Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, Big Lots, Whole Foods, and Walmart all sell dried figs in their stores.

In addition, regional grocery chains like Stop & Shop, Publix, Safeway, Albertsons, Giant Eagle, and many more all routinely keep dried figs in stock.

You’re most likely to find dried mission figs or dried Turkish figs when shopping for packaged figs from mainstream retailers. However, it’s not difficult to source options like dried Calimyrna figs from small or specialty retailers.

Where to Find Dried Figs in the Grocery Store?

If you’re wondering where to find dried figs in the grocery store, you should know that they’re typically found in or next to the nut aisle. Retailers tend to place them on the shelf alongside other dried fruits and trail mixes. That means that you’ll commonly find dried figs located right next to things like dried dates, dried apricots, dried coconut, and prunes.

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